Christmas Songs

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Christmas Songs

Cantor – Tiberiy Yatsculinets
Director of recording – Valeiy Stupnytskiy
Published by – Office of monastery St. Uspenska Kiev-Pechersk, Lavra in 2002


  1. Heaven and earth (arranged by K. Stetsenko)
  2. In Bethlehem (arranged by S. Ludkevicha)
  3. All over the world (arranged by K. Stetsenk)
  4. The star has shone in the sky (arranged by N. Nejankivskogo)
  5. Birth of the God (arranged by V. Sobka)
  6. What miracle is this – solo by O. Radko (arranged by V. Barvinskogo)
  7. The new joy has come (arranged by M. Kolessy)
  8. Sleep, Jesus – solo by U. Aksent (arranged by T. Yatskuintsya)
  9. The virgin Mary (music by T. Vlasenko)


The Svetilen choir exists at the the Kyiv Our Lady Christmas church. It consists of professional musicians, students and graduates of the National Music Academy of Ukraine.

Creative enthusiasm and particular respect to clerical music are motivating powers for this collection. The musicians' activities are directed towards the renewal and preservation of the rich traditions of sacred musical culture of Ukraine. Using all of their abilities and professionalism, the young musicians try to reproduce with their singing, the most important aspect of clerical music – the prayer.


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Christmas Songs