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3. Orthodox Churches in America (OCA) in Alberta, Canada

Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church – Chahor
Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church – Chahor

3.1 Bukowina – St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

3.2 Chahor – Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

3.3 Desjarlais – St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

3.4 Dickie Bush – Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church

3.5 Kysylew – Nativity of the Holy Virgin Orthodox Church

3.6 North Bank – Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church NEW

3.7 Pakan – St. Elias Orthodox Church NEW

3.8 Peno – St. Michael Orthodox Church

3.9 Sachava – Church of the Archangel St. Michael

3.10 Shandro – Holy Assumption Russo Orthodox Church

3.11 Smoky Lake – Holy Trinity Orthodox Church 

3.12 Star-Edna – Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church

3.13 Sunland – Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

3.14 Wasel – Holy Ascension Orthodox Church

Church affiliations and links

UOC = Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
OCA = Orthodox Church in America
UCC = Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton
RGO = Patriarchial Parishes of Russian Orthodox Church in Canada
ROC = Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Canada 

RCC = Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton