Live in Toronto

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Live in Toronto

Ron Cahute and his Band

Produced by: Bill Hawyschuk and Ron Cahute
Musical arrangements by Ron Cahute

Manufactured and printed in Canada, 1985


Recorded live at a show in Toronto, Ontario.

Ron Cahute is a second generation Ukrainian Canadian born and raised in Toronto. His family are among the very first Ukrainians to settle the province of Manitoba in 1896 in Stuartburn to be exact.

Ron started his musical career at the age of 7, playing drums in his father’s band, himself a professional musician. After his father’s passing in 1966, Ron started playing the accordion. Since 1969, Ron has led the BURYA Band, orchestrated, conducted and played in the Kalyna orchestra for the Ukrainian National Federation in Toronto, co-wrote and released the “Barabolya” series of children’s CDs, operated a recording studio, performed with Ihor Baczynskyj, was a partner in and performed at the Ukrainian Caravan Restaurant in Toronto.

Between Burya, Barabolya and his stand-up comedy, Ron has performed throughout North and South America, Europe, Korea and Australia as well as writing and producing many recordings and live shows other than his own. He currently holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts/Music.

Ron brings years of experience to Kontakt as host of the segment “Stay Ukrainian My Friends” which tries to show the Ukrainian Culture through fun and light-hearted interviews remembering all the while that staying Ukrainian comes from the heart and soul of the person and not necessarily ones birthplace or ability to speak the language.

It is a thrill and a great honour for Ron to have been awarded the Shevchenko Medal and he considers himself extremely fortunate to have been born Ukrainian.

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Live in Toronto