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All solo and backup vocals by Kvitka Cisyk
Produced and arranged by Jack Cortner
Recorded at A & R Recording Studios, New York City, 1980

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Stuart Scharf ~ classical and steel string guitars

Ken Ascher ~ piano

Pat Rebillot ~ celeste

Jay Leonhart, John Beal ~ bass

Ronnie Zito ~ drums

Susan Evans ~ Percussion

George Marge ~ flutes

David Nadien, Max Ellen ~ strings

Playlist information

1. Ivanku ~ Johnny, let's go dancing ... I love you!

2. Dearest Mother of Mine ~ (Music by P. Maiboroda, lyrics by A. Malyshko). Rushnychok, an embroidered cloth, evokes memories of a mother's love.

3. Youth Does Not Return ~ Willow, why do you weep at the coming winter? Though youth does not return, spring will come again!

4. The Young Eagles ~ The young men go off to war. Come fair maidens and wish them well. They are as daring as eagles!

5. Lullaby (for Lesha) ~ (Adapted from the piano arrangement by W. Barvinsky).

6. River Song ~ A young girl sits by the rushing waters wishing she could be swept away. She sings of the sorrows of love.

7. Grandmother Dearest ~ Grandmother dearest, you know so much of life. I can think only of him. Is there a potion to rid me of this obsession? No my child. The time has come for you to love.

8. Mother, Mother ~ My mother told me not to flirt with the boys, but I wouldn't listen.

9. The Mosquito and the Fly ~ What a commotion! The mosquito takes himself a fly for a wife. A wife who can neither sew nor weave! Neither sew nor weave, nor cook nor please her husband in any way. Suddenly a storm arises and blows him out of the tree. The poor mosquito falls and all his bones are broken!

10. Starry Night ~ The suitor implores his sweetheart to brave the chill and share with him the beauty of the star-filled night.

11. Handzya ~ Could there be anyone in this world as enchanting as Handzya?

12. Who Will Take Me Home? ~ "I want to stay and dance, but how will I get home in this rain?" she asks. A young man answers, "Dance, dance! I will take you home." "Please don't", she replies, " my jealous husband will beat me!" The young man is silent knowing he will, after all, escort her home. 

13. The Mists ~ The mists of war gather ... Dance young men, while there still is time!

14. In the Carpathian Mountains ~ I wish I could live in the Carpathian Mountains where the singing birds and the mountain flutes are heard all day.

15. Bandura ~ (Lyrics by W. Lebedowa). May the song of my Bandura soar to the heavens and far-away lands, bringing joy to the hearts of many.

16. Verkhovyno ~ Mountains of Verkhovyno, your beauty makes me want to dance!

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