Album of Ukrainian Songs

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Album of Ukrainian Songs

Produced by: Bill Giles
Recorded at Virka Records, Toronto, Ontario

About Verkhovyna Quartet



  • Vera Bayrak ~ first soprano
  • Vera Ivashko ~ second soprano
  • Evhenia Kotysh ~ first alto
  • Olena Hlibovych ~ second alto and director and vocal arranger


  • Ellis McLintock ~ musical director
  • Bill Richards ~ violin
  • Bohdan Wyshniowsky ~ bass

The Verkhovyna Quartet was formed in 1950 in Toronto under the musical direction of Olena Hlibovych with the initial sponsorship of W. Sharvan. From 1955, Verkhovyna toured eastern Canada and the United States, presenting Ukrainian songs, not only to Ukrainian audiences, but to the public at large. The Quartet met with instant success and was one of the most popular Ukrainian vocal groups beyond the borders of Ukraine. Its popularity became firmly established after its extensive concert tours, radio and television appearances, and film productions. Their repertoire is extensive and varied – simple folk melodies, lyrical songs, religious and classical works of Ukrainian composers as well as the classics and light classics of the western world.

After 15 years, there was a change in personnel of the Quartet. The singers on this album have sung together since the 1965-66 season. The competence of the new members perpetuated the high standards set by the previous group.

Playlist information

1. Carpathian Reminiscences ~ Music: V. Bezkoravayny. A longing for the mountains, old friends and the homeland – interrupted by a gay kolomeyka that brings back happy memories of youth.

2. Solder's Farewell ~ Lyrics and music: R. Kupchynsky; arr: A. Hnatyshyn. The scene is that of soldiers bidding farewell as they depart for battle.

3. No Sad Songs for Me ~ Music: A Hnatyshyn. No sad songs for me because it's my happy songs that attract the young men.

4. Cherry Tree ~ Transcarpathian folk song. An ill-fated love that does not even last the flowering of the cherry tree.

5. I Hear the Violin Playing ~ Folk song, arr: O. Koshetz. How can I do my chores and heed my mother when I hear the enticing violin and bass calling me to dance?

6. Carpathian Waltz ~ Lyrics: D. Pavlychko, music: A. Kos-Anatolsky. The night is bright, the trees and mountains stand serene and you are beside me.

7. Once Upon a Time ~ Lyrics and music: R. Kupchynsky, arr: V. Bezkorovayny. As the nightingale sings, a soldier remembers happy times with his unrequited love.

8. Who ~ Lyrics: M. Rylsky, music: B. Wesolowsky. Who will share my loneliness? Who will comfort me?

9. Truth About Men ~ Music: V. Baltarovych. Men make promises but keep none.

10. Mathiola ~ Lyrics: D. Mur, Music: B. Wesolowsky. The fragrance of the mathiola blossom stirs memories of my loved one.

11. Kolomeyka ~ Transcarpathian folk song. A jilted girl seeks a young "doctor" to cure her heartache.

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Album of Ukrainian Songs