A Day to Remember

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A Day to Remember

Manufactured and distributed by: UK Records Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba
Recorded and released 1975

About Interlake Polka Kings

Bill Woloshyn
, their capable band leader, spearheads the operation, setting a standard for Ukrainian music lovers. Besides being the business manager, he is an accordianist and an exceptionally fine vocalist. With his pretty and amiable wife Mary, they form one of the most popular duos of today. Mary, upon countless requests, has her own portion of the show, singing folk-songs of the homeland.

The group has a talented young man with them that doubles as the stage "MC" and violinist. Dennis Nykoliation is the fellow that does such an excellent job of making the audience feel right at home. His main duties, however, are arranging the many folk-songs the group sings.

Stan Kaskiw lends a great deal of talent to the band's show. He has that uncanny knack of engulfing the audience with his jolly folk-songs and his rip-tootin' actions. Being a part of the rhythm section, he excels on the rhythm guitar.

The band has the good fortune of having a capable guitarist in Dennis Drul. His poise coupled with his mellow playing places him as one of the top performers in the Ukrainian line of music.

John Yaworski, the jolly drummer for the group proves to be the backbone of the band with his solid performance. John seems to have the power of injecting that extra lift when the band plays one of its patented polkas.

A familiar sound with the "Kings" is the traditional Ukrainian cymbaly. Joe Wozlowsky, who makes a guest appearance on this album, has proven time and time again that he is second to none in the playing of this instrument.

The music that this group brings forth is truly a combined effort. Everyone contributes to the unique sound of this "Live" performance. As you listen to this album, the experience will truly be a "DAY TO REMEMBER"!

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A Day to Remember