Playboy Band

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Playboy Band

Terry Wowk ~ Accordion
Rick Wowk ~ Saxophone and vocals
Zane Wowk ~ Drums
Rick Chymyn ~ Guitar
Darcy Manko ~ Rhythm guitar

Produced and engineered by Garry McDonall
Damon/Soundtrek Studios
Edmonton, Alberta 1989 


The Playboy Band is a young five-piece band representative of a modern age attack on traditional Ukrainian music. Their unique style and youthful energy give a new polish to old tradition, without diminishing that true Ukrainian spirit, both the music and the listening audience deserves.

With Terry Wowk on accordion, Rick Wowk on saxophone and Ukrainian vocals, Zane Wowk on drums, Rick Chomyn on the lead guitar, and Darcy Manko on guitar, "THE BOYS" have put together their first album. Compiling a good variety of Ukrainian tunes and a few not so traditional numbers, this album remains true to the Ukrainian heritage accenting the band's capabilities across the musical spectrum.

The Playboy Band is proud of their Ukrainian ancestry and hope to reflect and preserve that pride through their music on this album.

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Playboy Band