Regina Poltava Ukrainian Ensemble

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Regina Poltava Ukrainian Ensemble

Executive producers: Steve Smoly and Gerry Shrmur
Produced by: John Mang
Digital editing by: Carl Swanston-Cormier
Recording engineer: Carl Swanston-Cormier
Editing by Peter Slominski and Cindy Folk

Manufactured by Paul Anand Music
Toronto, Ontario 1994
Distributed by: Poltava Productions


Peter Slominski is the the orchestral conductor / arranger for the Poltava Ensemble, an artistic Ukrainian performing group based in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Ensemble is composed of dancers, singers, and musicians. It is the culmination of Ukrainian performing groups dating back to 1922. Ukrainian Stage Presentation is actually a fairly recent development, first occurring in the 1930's. It stems from Ukrainian folk material hundreds of years old that has been newly adapted by choreographers and musical arrangers for the stage – the Poltava Ensemble is a splendid example of this development.

The Poltava Ensemble has performed on the CBC, CTV and Radio-Canada National Television Networks. It has represented the Province of Saskatchewan at Expo 67, the Vernon Winter Festival, Festival Ottawa, the Montreal Olympics, New Brunswick's Festival by the Sea, the Drummondville World Folklore Festival, and has appeared as invited guests on Sesame Street.

The Ensemble members on this recording are:

Violin: Tammy Hrycak, Katherine Hunchuk, Michael Krywulak
First Mandolin: Emily Laslo, Charles A. Lunney, Gail Wilson
Second Mandolin: Judy Hrycak, Ed Kipciuch, Deb Pacholka, Zoya Shmyr, Steve Wihak
Mandola: Cindy Folk, John Vandall
Mandocello: Alex Lapchuk
Flute / Piccolo: Catriona Allen, Kimberly Peters, Elizabeth Schier
Bass: Brian Herman
Clarinet: Carey Hydamacka
Trumpet: Bob Mader, Barry Stinson
Trombone: Yvonne Redant
French Horn: Shannon Goldsmith
Accordion: Stan Kipciuch
Piano/Keyboard: Margaret Kaye
Percussion: Kristofer Maddigan
Soloists: Violin - Tammy Hrycak, Harmonica - Peter Slominski, Vocal - Shirley Agopsowicz mezzo-soprano

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Regina Poltava Ukrainian Ensemble