Get on Track Ukrainian Style

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Get on Track Ukrainian Style

Paul Kostiw ~ Alto and tenor saxophone and vocals
Buddy Manko (Leader) ~ Lead guitar, violin and vocals
Willie Shyian (Vocal) ~ Rhythm guitar, vocal and lead guitar
Jim Yacey (Bass organ) ~ Accordion
John Yakowchuk ~ Drums

Producer: Kenneth Huculak
Recording Engineer: Joe Kozak

Manufactured and distributed by:
Heritage Records, Edmonton Alberta


This band was formed in Edmonton / St. Albert in 1965. To music lovers of all ages, The Cimarrons have come to be known as one of the finest Dance Bands in the country. Over the years their public performances have been received by thousands of people. During that time, the group has come to develop a unique style of its own – one which extends itself whole-heartedly to the public audiences for which they perform with a wide variety of music and song. Their sound captivates the dancer and the listener.

All of this incorporates a solid and steady beat, featuring John Yakowchuk on drums along with the rhythm sounds supplied by Will Shyian on guitar. To this is added the the musical stylings of Jim Yacey on accordion and organ, along with Buddy Manko on lead guitar and violin, and topped off with lead sound of Paul Kostiw on alto and tenor saxophone.

Expression of music and song is a fun-loving thing to all the members of the group. Jokes, funny antics and just plain fooling around are all part of the Cimarron Sound. On a more serious side, an all-out effort is put forth to produce original material. For this LP, the boys came up with two numbers which are their own compositions and arrangements: The Fedorah Polka and the Cimarron Waltz. The Cimarrons were asked to put together their talent and present a repertoire of numbers in the Ukrainian tradition. The range is vast and of outstanding caliber.

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Get on Track Ukrainian Style