Ukrainian Dance Favourites

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Ukrainian Dance Favourites

Manufactured and distributed by V Records Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Recorded and released in 1965

About D-Drifters-5

This album by the D-Drifters-5 is indeed "the peoples' choice". Actually the D-Drifters-5 have hit upon the simplest of formulas to delight and enthrall their many fans. They carefully jotted down the numerous requests made of them during their highly successful concert tours and dance dates.

Working hand in hand with their arranger and leader (Dave Roman) the D-Drifters-5 have done their utmost in arranging this album. You will hear Dave Roman play his very best on the Cordovox accordian. He will reveal sounds you never before heard in Ukrainian music. "Yogi" Klos portrays the sounds of a symphony violin in many selections. Tony Roman gives all on his guitar and bass in his own incomparable style. Mike Klym combines his versatile drum talents, that are great. Lastly, but not least, the tenor sax man, Al Tenner, blows his horn as only he can.

The D-Drifters-5 have laboured long and hard at recording sessions in order to fulfill these superb arrangements. The results speak for themselves! Here are a dozen wonderfully fresh, yet familiar Ukrainian dance tunes, done in the typical D-Drifters-5 style – that is – lively, toe-tapping, original and so very listenable.

We know that you will get just as much enjoyment listening and dancing to this album, as the D-Drifters-5 got from recording it.

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Ukrainian Dance Favourites